Family & Pediatric Nutrition

We understand that your children are your number one priority. When your child needs nutrition assistance, we connect you with the best dietitians for their care.

Bodymetrix Family and Pediatric Nutrition questions and concerns

“I’m concerned my child isn’t getting the proper nutrients she needs to grow because she’s so picky. Please help!”

We realize your family is your number one priority. Choosing the right foods to promote growth and development is what great nutrition is all about.

We put so much emphasis on healthy eating for our kids because we know the habits they create today will follow them into adulthood.

Your Family's Health

Most of our dietitans are parents so we understand the challenges of feeding our families well.

Just because you make a healthy meal doesn’t mean your family will eat it. It can be so frustrating, time consuming, and defeating when you go through all the work of putting food on the table and no one touches it. Add in the extra challenge of after school activities or a medical diagnosis and nutrition feels absolutely impossible.

We know you are doing your best but sometimes you need a few extra tools in your belt. In our experience, nutrition is rarely well received from parents so hearing the information from a trusted professional can make a huge impact on your child’s health and overall desire to fuel themselves properly.

Family Nutrition

We Work With You

Our dietitians work with parents and children of all ages to treat and provide counseling for the following conditions:

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    Healthy Diet Selection

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    Gestational Diabetes

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    Healthy Pregnancy Counseling

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    Weight Gain

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    Weight Loss

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    Food Allergies / Sensitivities

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    Digestive Issues

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    Gastrointestinal Disorders

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