Nourish Eat Repeat by Adrianne Delgado



Life is Hard. Food Doesn’t Have to Be

Nourish Eat Repeat, by Adrianne Delgado, RD, LDN, is a practical guide to help you navigate your way through the challenges of nutrition. This isn’t a book about carbs, proteins and fats, but rather a book on practical ways you can incorporate health into your busy lifestyle right now. This is a book about execution.

Inside This Book, You’ll Discover

  • Quick, easy, proven strategies to get your family to eat more vegetables
  • How to take your kids to practice and feed them dinner without visiting the drive-thru
  • Why I make my first graders pack their own lunches (and why you should to)
  • Five vital eating habits that will ensure you never overeat a meal again
  • Why meal planning and cooking on the same night is so hard (but doesn’t have to be)
  • How to revise your inner dialogue to evoke positive change
  • Tried and true methods to avoid eating everything in your pantry after the kids go to bed
  • How to eat healthy when traveling
  • Why 10 minutes of movement is all you need to start an exercise habit
  • The power of self-care and why it is a non-negotiable tactic to loving your family well
  • Family friendly recipes your kids will actually want to eat
  • . . . and more!

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