Meal Planning


We can help plan options for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks (or all of the above!) Your customized nutrition plan will filter thousands of recipes to meet your individual goals, personal likes, any restrictions or food allergies. Your session even includes a grocery list to go along with your plan. This service is covered through your nutrition benefits.

Who would benefit from Meal Planning Sessions?

  • Picky eaters with limited options
  • Stressed out parents looking for quick, easy ideas
  • Athletes and recreational exercisers looking to maximize their fitness goals
  • Anyone looking for more support to meet their nutrition goals
  • Those stuck in a rut looking for new recipe and snack ideas

Our meal planning service streamlines the process of matching foods you enjoy with  your health goals or medical diagnosis. At the end of your session, you will leave with both an easy-to-follow plan and a ton of great-tasting recipes so you can feel confident and successful with your meals.

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