Wendy Woolley, RD, LDN

Wendy is fantastic

I've been meeting with Wendy since June. She has a wealth of knowledge, and is wonderful at breaking information down. I enjoy bringing in questions and thoughts and having her intake on them. I feel that Wendy is a great person to have on my weight loss team.

Very pleasant informative session!

So happy I met with Wendy at Bodymetrix! Nutritional professional with deep knowledge, warm personality and great info!


Wendy Woolley, RD, LDN is a registered and licensed dietitian and has been a nutrition counselor at Bodymetrix since June 2019.  She has over 20 years of experience in the field, in the areas of hospital food service, nutrition support, clinical nutrition and in-patient education. She has always been intrigued and interested in the medical field, and studied pre-med at the University of Delaware.  It wasn’t until she took an elective nutrition class that she decided on a dual major, Nutritional Science (a pre-med program) and Dietetics, with a minor in Biology.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude and was accepted into her first choice internship at Abington Hospital.  There she fell in love with disease-centered nutrition care.  Her first job landed her in Virginia, at Portsmouth General Hospital as a clinical dietitian working with patients who suffered from heart disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, cancer, and more.  She published a monthly hospital newsletter, Food for Thought, for the hospital staff and patients, highlighting healthy eating tips and strategies. As a certified nutrition support dietitian, she presented approved Continuing Medical Education lectures to the medical staff and pharmacists on critical care nutrition.

After listening to patients complain about hospital food time and again, Wendy decided to switch into management as the Patient Services Manager at the Medical College of Pennsylvania Hospital.  There she was responsible for all the food and nutrition care for the patients, including dietary restrictions, the quality of the food and overall satisfaction. Wendy’s ability to connect with the patients and to listen to their needs, coupled with the ability to motivate her staff to take pride in the food they prepared and delivered to the patients, resulted in a tremendous increase in overall patient satisfaction with their food and nutrition experience.  Her success in driving food service patient satisfaction, resulted in her acting as a patient satisfaction coordinator for Aramark within the Philadelphia Allegheny Health Network. Wendy stayed in management and continued to make her mark at The Chester County Hospital as the Food Service Director.

It wasn’t until Wendy had two boys that the she longed to work directly with patients again; however, she wanted to reach patients before they ended up in the hospital. She recognized that by working in wellness, she could connect with patients and address the underlying causes of their conditions,  whether it be from emotional eating, irritable bowel disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, low self esteem or lack of time for themselves, and by doing so, could prevent them from ever entering the hospital.  Most adults ignore aliments and/or issues until they become huge mountains to climb.  This is when Wendy partners with her clients and offers education, motivation, encouragement, and strategies for sustainable change for an overall happy and healthy lifestyle.  It is the success and improved health of her patients that Wendy finds extremely rewarding.

Wendy lives in Royersford and cherishes time spent with her two teenage boys, friends and dogs.  Her love for the outdoors and exercise keeps her moving and healthy.

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