Jim Delgado, CKTP, CMCE

Massage Therapy by Jim Delgado

Excellent knowledge and care applied to help maintain and improve my health each visit. Advice re exercises for me to address muscle, joint or balance issues between visits.

I highly recommend Jim for massage therapy. He is extremely knowledgeable and professional! Better than any massages I have ever received.

Sports Massage

My son has been seeing Jim for last few years to help alleviate some baseball/pitching related issues. Jim is super professional and very knowledgeable. Jim has the ability to relate to Luke to share suggestions on stretches and exercises to help prevent injuries. This is a great place for athletes to focus on pre-hab vs re-hab after injury occurs. Highly recommend!

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Jim has a Kinesiology Degree from West Chester University, along with the ACE Medi-cupping & KT Taping certification. In addition, having a massage therapy license from the Pennsylvania School of Muscle Therapy.  He enjoys working with clients that have chronic injuries and making them better using his extensive background in fitness, posture-specific and rehabilitative exercise, and hands-on bodywork.

Another passion is working with athletes of all ages, promoting corrective bodywork and preventative care aiding in the recovery of sports injuries, and the restoration of the athlete to optimal functioning. He loves the challenge of evaluating, treating, and progressing clients back to better health and overall function.  More recently Jim has taken on the role of the office manager of BodyMetrix Health and Wellness. This allows more time to work directly with more clients which he enjoys the most. Working with large numbers of people every day has its challenges but it is what gives him the most satisfaction. Helping people improve their lives in a health and wellness setting is what he truly enjoys.

Outside of the office means “outside.” He resides on a small farm in Royersford with his wife Adrianne and five kids. He enjoys being outdoors as much as possible and whenever possible… working in the garden, playing basketball in the driveway, mowing the yard, doing whatever as long as it is outside. Just like at work, he promotes an active, overall healthy lifestyle to his kids… limiting electronics and TV while promoting being active, tending to the fruit and vegetable gardens, and just getting out and enjoying nature. Each day at work and at home is full for sure, just the way he prefers it!

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