Heather Irwin, MS, RD, LDN

Changed my life!

Heather is wonderful. She changed my eating habits, made me more aware of ingredients on the labels, and these changes have brought down my blood sugar totals. She is excellent at explaining what to look for as far as hidden sugars on a label. It was eye opening!!! I'm so thankful to have a handle of my diabetes and I've lost some weight also which is nice!

One thoroughly-beleaguered Momma

Due to a series of unfortunate events, I have been plagued with nearly-constant diarrhea and a total change to my metabolism so much so that I am "allergic" to most foods, etc. Heather has thoroughly waded through my medical history, ordered a specialized test to confirm why I am suffering from certain foods, set up lists of foods (good and bad) to help me choose wisely, and her calming effect was wonderful. I would recommend her services at Bodymetrix wholeheartedly!!

The place to start

I knew I needed to make some changes and I believed that good information and instruction would be the right thing for me. What I found in my first meeting with Heather was great information, great instruction and encouragement. They say the journey of many miles starts with a single step. I am pleased that Bodymetrix will be my step off point. Looking forward to this journey.


Heather Irwin, MS, RD, LDN is a licensed registered dietitian and has been practicing nutrition counseling at Bodymetrix Health & Wellness since 2016. While studying at West Virginia University, she discovered her passion for nutrition as well as leading an active lifestyle.  She went on to receive her Master of Science Degree from Marywood University with an emphasis in Clinical Nutrition.

Over the past 20 years Heather has expanded beyond medical nutrition therapy with her experience working as a clinical dietitian.  It was while working in the hospital setting that she decided to focus on wellness care and healthy living rather than disease-centered medical care.

In 2017, Heather received her Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management. Along with her background in providing medical nutrition therapy, she has a strong interest in sports nutrition and helping athletes achieve their goals. She is also passionate about promoting health through a balanced lifestyle and helping clients develop a healthy relationship with food.  Heather also routinely shares healthy recipes and tips through the Bodymetrix blog and newsletter.

Heather has lived in Limerick for the past 15 years with her husband and two children.  When she isn’t busy watching her children at sporting events, she enjoys working out, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

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