31-Day Plant Challenge

National Nutrition Month

Do you want to improve your health AND improve the lives of others in our community? Are you ready to spend 31 days establishing healthy new habits? March is one of our favorite months at Bodymetrix because it is National Nutrition Month. This year, we are celebrating by starting a month-long challenge beginning March 1st.


Each week you will be challenged to consume a specific number of plants per week (see calendar below).  The number of plant foods will increase weekly until we reach the goal of eating 30 different plants in a week.

What constitutes as a plant? Any grain, fruit, vegetable, bean, nut, or seed.  In other words, if it grows in the ground, you can count it as a plant.

The goal of this challenge is to not only consume more plants, but also to eat different types of plants to encourage a diversified diet.

Let’s say you eat a banana, whole wheat toast, and broccoli on Monday.  Your total plant intake for that day would equal 3 different plants.  If on Tuesday you consumed an orange, rice, and broccoli, your grand total of plants for the two days would equal 5 (broccoli two days in a row still counts only one time since it is the same food). At the end of the week, total the number of different plants you consumed and compare it to the goal of the week. Plants may be repeated from week to week during the challenge (no need to consume different foods from the week before).

There’s no purchase necessary to join, but we hope you will consider partnering with us with the option to donate $10 to Operation 143 (a local non-profit organization that supplies meals to school-age kids in need).  (Note that 100% of your donation will go to Operation 143). Go to our store at bodymetrixhealth.com to make your donation when you join!

Let’s Review

  1. Sign up for the challenge below or at either one of our offices. Don’t forget to donate to Operation 143.
  2. Download your 31-day plant challenge online and start eating more plants!

And that’s it!! We are excited to meet you in this challenge and participate alongside of you.

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